The Balloon Test – another approach to consider sides on the conflict between Hamas and Israel – Political Balloon Art

The Balloon Test – Balloon art reflects reality

Balloon art by Zivi Kivi, CBA

In reference to the clever and eye opening blog post that used google to measure out differences between Hamas and Israeli sides in the ongoing conflict ( and inspired by the simplistic approach that we, the people of this earth, can think for ourselves and judge for ourselves, I have decide to suggest yet another test – the balloon test.


The balloon test is simple – I am using balloon art to recreate a Hamas soldier, inspired by pictures from google. If you see the balloon of and feel good about giving it to your child – you failed the test.

Feelining edgy on giving this scultpure to your kid?

Feel like your child might ask questions that are hard to answer?

questions like:

  • Why is the Hamas soldier wearing a ski mask over his head? its like crazy hot in July-Aug in Gaza, why cover your face? (As Fezzik from The Princes Bride  says: “I don’t trust men with masks”)
  • Why is the Hamas soldier holding a baby on him? isn’t that all f**ked up to treat babies like they are meaningless equipment of war? Let’s deconstruct that for a second – this either means the Hamas soldier thinks that this way he won’t get killed (and by that he acknowledes that the Israeli soldier has reasonable western moral) or he thinks that this way the baby will be killed too (which either way its AWEFULL).

Look at the baby eyes. The baby is not a tool. it is a human being. STOP using babies!
Balloon Art by Zivi Kivi, CBA


Balloon Artist - Zivi Kivi, CBA

Balloon Artist - Zivi Kivi, CBA

Balloon Artist - Zivi Kivi, CBA

Balloon Artist - Zivi Kivi, CBA


Balloon Artist – Zivi Kivi, CBA

Instructions on how to make a balloon sculpture of Hamas Soldier: not a good idea. Better make happier things.