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Magician - קוסם ליום הולדת
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Magician at work – age 9 – no problem, sir!

Occasionally a custome will ask me questions of the sort of “can you do a party in English?” or “can you entertain a group of 9 years old?” and even “can you perform to a mix crowd of people, English speakers and Hebrew speakers?” and the answers are: yes, yes, yes!

My passion for the English language started when I was 16, when I read all of the books by Douglas Adams, and most of Terry Pretchet and Tom Holt. Unfortunately, most of these writers now exist only in the hearts of those who read or knew them or of them. I got so mersmerised by the language that I wrote my first long long story (250 pages long) in English. Those were the days…

When I perform in a birthday party the most important service or added value to the customer is: no stress! its a two hour service, with no worries or stress as the kids are all engaged, the parents know where I am going by the minute, and the birthday child is heaving the time of his life. Literally, he will tell me twice or more during the event: “Zivi, this is the best birthday EVER”.

The secret formula is to give freat respect to the young ones (as Dr. Suess said in Horton heard a who, “a Person is a Person, no matter how small”. The second secret is to just be original and unique, to adapt your service to the needs of the customer, and to gaurantee the success of the events in anyway you can.

Please call now to Zivi Kivi if you want to check dates availability and costs. 054-2271336

קוסם לגיל 9